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Building a Powerful Movement show#5 11-04-11

November 7, 2011

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We end this week’s series with an extended excerpt from “The Trial of Goldman Sachs,” which was held yesterday (Thursday Nov. 3) at Occupy Wall Street in Zuccotti Park.  The event was broadcast on WBAI and featured Chris Hedges, Cornel West, WBAI’s Tony Bates, and many others.


Building a Powerful Movement show#4 11-03-11

November 3, 2011

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Thursday’s show starts with an emotional appraisal of the movement by Chris Hedges.  Then we ask radical economist Michael Hudson how he would remake the U S economy.  Former KPFK staffer Meleiza Figueroa was in Oakland for the General Strike, and she reports on the historic day.  The show closes with OccupyLA’s Clark Davis, who eloquently articulates the sense of political desperation that existed for him, and undoubtably thousands of other Americans, before the Occupy Movement arose.

Building a Powerful Movement show#3 11-02-11

November 3, 2011

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The day of the Oakland General Strike.  I check in with two Los Angeles ex-pats, Andrea Berrara and Shawn McDougal, to hear their thoughts on the historic day; on why the Oakland Community has rallied behind the Occupy Movement following last week’s police riot; and I ask them both what they think could help produce the same type of widespread solidarity for the movement hear in Southern California.

Leading into the conversations with Andrea and Shawn, we hear from Bill Moyers who talked about the Occupy Movement in his address to Public Citizen’s 40th anniversary gala last week; and closing out the show we hear from Naomi Klein at Occupy Wall Street.

Building a Powerful Movement show#2 11-01-11

November 3, 2011

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Tuesday’s show in this week-long series features Angela Davis speaking at Occupy Wall Street; Brian Holmes – philosopher, social critic, and historian of American Radical  movements – reflecting on the Occupy Movement’s early months and its limitless possibilities; we hear from poet Josh Clover on Occupy Oakland’s “Declaration of Solidarity with Neighborhood Reclamations;” and we talk with Alejandra Cruz about the Los Angeles-based Coalition to End Police Brutality’s upcoming march in solidarity with the Oakland General Strike.

Building a Powerful Movement show#1 10-31-11

November 2, 2011

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We’ve inaugurated a new series inspired by the Occupy Movement!

In contrast to the earlier Building a Powerful Left Series, this set of shows will be more time-specific as it will include news of the day alongside dialogues about how to create a just world.

The show launched on Halloween with a roundtable discussion about the involvement of college students in the Occupy movement with two representatives of students OccupyLA, Guido Girgenti from Occidental College and Moses Dalton from Glendale City College, as well as Natalia Abrams from the umbrella organization   We also heard a brief and brilliant assesment of the Occupy Movement from Michael Moore; and Alan opened the series with his own observations on the Occupy Movement.

James Galbraith Interview

May 27, 2011

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Economist James K Galbraith analyzes today’s economy and contrasts it with a sound, and more just, economy.  He also explains why we would need a powerful left to remake the economy in these necessary ways.

Arun Gupta Interview

April 25, 2011

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An interview with Arun Gupta co-founder and editor of The Indypendent newspaper